Does Ginger boost my immune system?

Can Ginger Boost the Immune System?

Many popular health products contain or promote ginger as capable of enhancing immunity. However, there is insufficient reliable proof that ginger to able to boost immunity or prevent infection in humans, including for viral respiratory tract infections. 

So what are the potential health benefits of ginger?

There is some evidence suggesting that orally ingested ginger extract may be beneficial in relieving painful periods; relieving pain associated with osteoarthritis of the knee and hip; and for treating nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. Several small scale studies also suggest ginger might contribute to improvements in blood sugar levels and cholesterol profiles in some people.

And what about motion sickness?

Most clinical research shows that taking ginger 500-1000 mg up to 4 hours prior to travel does not prevent motion sickness, although there may be a positive placebo benefit. 

It might be worthwhile testing ginger for these effects on an individual basis to determine if it works for you.

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