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HASTA Certification & Batch Testing


Human and Supplement Testing Australia (HASTA) is Australia's first commercial product testing organisation for WADA banned substances, and has now launched its certification scheme.

Certifying a product involves not just testing, but verification of the manufacturing quality controls that are in place. If a product has the "HASTA Certified" seal on pack, it means that every batch has been tested for over 200 WADA prohibited substances. The WADA Prohibited substances list includes: 

  • S1 Anabolic agents
  • S2 Peptide hormones, growth factors,related substances & mimetics
  • S3 Beta-2 agonists
  • S4 Hormone & metabolic modulators
  • S5 Diuretics & masking agents
  • S6 Stimulants
  • S7 Narcotics
  • S8 Cannabinoids
  • P2 Beta-blockers

IMUNI is proud to have our IMUNI Immune Defence as a HASTA certified product. No product testing can ever guarantee that a batch is completely free from contamination, as prohibited substances can be present at very low levels, and not distributed evenly through a batch, but purchasing a HASTA certified product significantly reduces the risk.


Australian athletes are educated extensively about the risks of supplement use. Athletes risks can be minimised by using supplements and sports foods that have been proven to provide benefit and used as recommended by their Sports Dietitian or other qualified Performance Science or Medical professional who understands their unique needs. Using qualified health professional recommended products that have also undergone independent, 3rdparty testing, significantly lowers an athlete risk of returning a positive doping sample.

As a result, many supplement manufacturers are taking the step to have their products independently tested and verified to show they are free from substances that may result in a positive doping violation. The most common Independent testing programs are run by HASTA and Informed Sport. These testing organisations are a great resource in identifying batch tested and certified products, however athletes and Sporting professionals, can find it challenging to purchase the specifically batch tested items. In addition, many athletes and Sporting organisations may also use a range of products from different suppliers, resulting in the need to place multiple orders across several companies to meet their needs.


Batch Tested Pty Ltd aims to make this process easier by offering individuals and organisations access to an extensive range of batch tested products across a range of manufacturers, where all supplement requirements can be purchased securely and safely. The platform can also act as a secure record of product purchases, including date, brand, flavour, size, batch number, and accreditation certificates. At Batch Tested, they know how important it is for athletes to take high-quality and clean supplements. That is why they offer three distinct ranges for customers to choose from that are either batch tested with HASTA, HASTA certified or Informed Sport certified.


You can order our HASTA certified, IMUNI Immune Defence through any of our authorised stockists or online at imunihealth.com

The following products are HASTA Certified:

(ND) IMUNI Immune Defence

The following products have been batch tested:

(ND) IMUNI Magnesium Citrate

(ND) IMUNI Vital D3

(ND) IMUNI Vegan Complete

(ND) IMUNI Specialised Probiotics+

(ND#) IMUNI Sleep + Mind Balance

Analysis Requested

HASTA supplement screening test for WADA prohibited substances

Test Method: Method MS123

ND - no prohibited substance detected as per method MS12

ND# Samples not analysable/not fully analysable