6 health supplements you should take when pregnant

6 health supplements you should take when pregnant

According to the Australian Journal of General Practice, dietary supplements for pregnancy are recommended in the following circumstances:

All pregnant women should take supplements containing:

  1. Folic acid 400-500 micrograms per day for at least one month prior to pregnancy, and for 12 weeks after falling pregnant (important to prevent neural tube defects like spinal bifida and anencephaly - a severe congenital deformity that results in an underdeveloped brain and skull). It is important to note that some women include those who are obese and those with gestational diabetes may require a higher 5mg daily dose of folic acid.
  2. Iodine 150 micrograms daily during pregnancy and while breastfeeding (important for production of thyroid hormone and development of the baby's brain)

In addition, it is important to take supplements to treat:

  1. Vitamin D deficiency (affects nearly 60% of women at the end of winter)
  2. Iron deficiency (23% of non-pregnant women do not get enough iron from their diet to meet demands)
  3. Inadequate B12 intake (common in vegans and vegetarians)
  4. Inadequate calcium intake (73% of women do not consume enough calcium in their diet)

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