Mindfulness A New Perspective On Meditation in 2021

Mindfulness: A New Perspective On Meditation in 2021

Mindfulness is a form of meditation. Typically, it is practised by focusing one's attention on the present moment. This can be sitting quietly in a room playing binaural beats, or it can be practised in everyday life. Most people don't realise that the everyday activities we enjoy are often enjoyed in a state of mindfulness. Walking the dog, playing with the kids, washing the car, preparing dinner, going for a run, surfing, hiking, climbing and (for the brave) base jumping or sky diving can all be viewed as forms of mindfulness as these activities encourage us to pay close attention to the present moment.

The more that we practise focusing on being present and aware, the better we become at blocking out all the external stressors of life that lead us into states of anxiety and stress. Perhaps we can all practise meditation by being more aware, while doing more of the everyday things that we love and enjoy.