Why Some Health Supplements Don't Work (Hint: No Evidence)

Why Some Health Supplements Don't Work (Hint: No Evidence)

There's a plethora of health supplements available on the market and not all will contain effective ingredients in the right therapeutic dose. Some products that are widely available to the public contain ingredients with little or no evidence of therapeutic effect. Some companies get away with this on the basis of some ingredients having a history of established use in Traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, or Indigenous medicine. While some of these ingredients might be effective, not all do the job they are claimed to do.

When it comes to science, health and medicine, there are many sources of evidence. These range from anecdotal and professional opinion, to human clinical trials as well as meta-analyses, cohort studies, animal studies, laboratory or in vitro studies just to name a few. However, not all sources of evidence are equal.

The gold standard of evidence for therapeutics is considered to be sourced well-designed human clinical trials known as 'randomised control trials' or RCTs. In these studies, an intervention group receives a particular treatment and, ideally, is compared to a comparison group that receives a placebo medicine. Like most things, the quality of the evidence is contingent on the quality of study design.

Not all health supplements are based on evidence sourced from clinical trials, and not all health supplements are based on reliable sources of evidence. At IMUNI, we strive to decipher the evidence to create products based on the best available forms of evidence, ideally sourced from well designed clinical trials using optimal and effective ingredients. Where possible, we source trademarked ingredients that have been directly testing in clinical trials (such as Quercetin QU995™) to ensure the best possible sources of ingredients are used in our products.

In addition, we use clinical judgement derived from years of treating and educating patients, and an understanding of the complex interplay of disease processes to determine which products are best for our friends, family, patients and consumers.

At IMUNI, we strive to only produce products with containing combinations of ingredients that we would happily recommend to our own friends and family (or as doctors, even to the patients we treat). Best of all, we are completely transparent with the evidence behind our products, so that you can decide for yourself if you'd like to use them.